r/CoutureReps Community Fund

When you sign up for an agent through our links (bottom of the page) and order items, the community fund gets a small fraction as a cashback, at no extra cost for you. We will then use this money for giveaways or other costly project to give back to the community.

We're informally committing to a 100% payout to the community, but due to the complicated tax situation and a mod team from 3 different countries with different laws and Reddit TOS we don't know how transparently we can publish/prove the numbers.

What is the idea behind the Community Fund?

The idea is to provide items to the community, grow CoutureReps and increase our influence on the agents for a better service for all. If that sounds like a good idea, you can support the initiative by signing up through couturereps.com.
If the fund gets to big, we will have to consider restricting the giveaway to members who particpated.

How frequently do we get updates on the Community Fund

Since the agent pay-out is monthly, we will try to publish an update on the first of every month, with an idea what we can get. Usually this is also when you can enter the giveaway. Then when the funds are unlocked (usually around the 15th), we'll conclude the giveaway and draw the winner.


Sugargoo Agent Link + $45 Bonus
Wegobuy Agent Link + $45 Bonus
Superbuy Agent Link + $85 Bonus

List of Community Fund Iterations

#1 June Edition (Lacoste Dress Shirt)